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Okay, so it goes without saying that there are huge benefits of 1-1 training. I truly believe everyone at some stage in their life, whether they have an ordinary 9-5 or are a professional athlete, need to have 1-1 education on the way THEIR body moves. Regardless of trying to lift heavier, lose weight, or chase an impossible aesthetic goal, the MAIN reason you should care (which hopefully you do as you got this far ;) ) is that your body is ALWAYS in use. Think about it; walking to work, sitting at a desk, carrying a small child or holding your shopping bags are all important daily activities which are using your body. Do you ever notice how your hips are aligned, or check if you are engaging your core before you carry a heavy bag? Being aware of your body before advancing to chase that overall goal will help protect and look after your body LONG TERM. ('cus we all wanna look #hawwwt at 80 right?)

Enough of me rambling on.

You want to know why I can help you? 

  • I am a fully trained professional level 2 Fitness instructor and Level 3 Personal Trainer. (tick box 1...She's trained.)

  • My professional Dance training at one of the most prestigious institutes in the country made me pretty tough. It also taught me everything you should (and shouldn't!) do to take care of your most precious asset. Yourself.

  • INJURIES. Oh wow, I've had a fair few of them. From a hip operation to torn hamstrings (name a dancer who hasn't), to broken hands and rolled ankles. As well as sounding very accident prone, It actually has been my biggest attributes when training other people. I CARE more than anyone (okay, I'm not the only one) about technique. (Injury prevention AND exercise efficiency. Double whammy.)

  • Happiness! Exercise is the most underrated anti-depressant. Let's workout AND have fun. 

  • I WANT to help you. I'd like to think i'm pretty personable and genuinely care to see how you are getting on. I promise.

  • Are you sold yet? If not.... Check out my Instagram to view my life in pictures.

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I teach studio, online & outdoor classes for a variety of group sizes.

Pop me a message to find out more or book your next class- I'd love to see you!

I teach 'Total body' workouts, Barre, HIIT, Stretch & core, Cardio conditioning, Rebounding & much more.

Studios: Chelsea Harbour club, VAHA UK, Barrefly, Anytime fitness, David Lloyd Fulham, Flex Chelsea, KXU and more. 


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