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Okay, the juicy details.

Don't just take my word for are what some of my wonderful clients have to say about their personal training and group sessions.

"Training with Holly is the highlight of my week! She is enthusiastic, motivating, supportive and knowledgeable about all things fitness! She pushes me to my limit with that extra squat or sit up and I always leave feeling amazing and energised! I love that no two sessions are the same which is a testament to her creativity, hard-work & dedication.

Holly will make sure you have fun but be ready to be challenged at the same time! I'm feeling stronger and more determined than ever before to reach my goals and that's all thanks to her!"

Robyn K 

"Holly's classes have kept me going these past few crazy months! They are always fun, full of energy and a challenge. I  never get bored (which I easily do in fitness classes) and am pushed to that extra uncomfortable bit every time. I know I'm getting stronger after every class and love the mix of cardio/ intervals/ strength training in the sweat classes. I've just joined the online membership, and this has been a game changer- getting back into it, doing a class as and when I can has been so convenient. I also love the exhale channel for a change- a short yoga style stretch is just bliss at the end of the day. I can't recommend Holly's classes enough, you'll finish them stronger and smiling!"

Telly P

"I started taking PT sessions with Holly after taking her group classes. I always thought I was a 'relatively' fit person but wanted to tone and strengthen my body for both work and personal reasons.

After 2 months of working with Holly, I've found an entirely new level of fitness that I thought I'd NEVER achieve!  Her kind encouraging and motivated character makes 45mins of hard hard work an absolute pleasure. When you work with Holly, it's a team effort. If I'm not happy, she's not, so I can push myself that little bit further in each session so we can both walk away saying 'we smashed that!' She is incredibly hard working and dedicated human and I feel immensely fortunate to have her by my side."

Jess C

"Having taken both Holly's group classes and also having her as a personal trainer, I can't recommend her enough! I'd been going to the gym for years but felt in a real plateau when it came to fitness. I wanted to go back to basics and understand more about specific exercises that would help me with my training long term, not just as a short term fix. Holly's attitude to teaching is so positive, she makes you feel so comfortable no matter what your experience and her knowledge of the industry really shows when you ask specific questions. She is also at hand anytime to help outside of the gym when you need advice on workouts in your own time. I would 100% recommend Holly to anyone looking for a PT!"

Lucy K

"I have been training with Holly for two months now and can really see and feel the difference! Every session is different and she makes exercise fun! I love doing boxing as cardio and being pushed further every week with both strength and conditioning. I would highly recommend Holly to anyone thinking about starting PT sessions."

Nina E

"Holly has a positive and happy energy and you always feel great after coming away from her classes! She is thorough and adapts the exercises to any injuries or concerns. Would highly recommend!"

Candice Morgan

'Holly has helped me to conquer my fear of high intensity exercise. I have been out of action for a while due to past injuries and with the advance of time, age and weight I did not feel that hard core exercise was something I would bring back into my life. I started exercising with Holly when we worked in the same team and I trusted her professional background as an instructor and PT. Firstly, her enthusiasm is contagious, you will really enjoy bouncing with her, she is a professional dancer and a volcano of energy. Little I knew she got me back into burpees and bunny hops! Holly is a great instructor and even when it gets tough she keeps you going (did I mention she has a great sense of humour, which makes you smile and forget the pain for a few seconds!) Her sweaty classes are a shower of energy and you will feel so pleased with yourself. Also, especially for the over 40 I would suggest her weight classes and the relaxing stretch and core classes when you have a stressful day.  I have random daily schedules so I join her online classes. These are affordable and easy to access from her website so I can workout at times that suit me best. If in doubt, I highly recommend getting in contact with Holly for a professional consultation on how to get your fitness routine back on track. Highly recommend it!'


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